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The Demi-Monde: Winter (The Demi-Monde Saga, #) - Rod Rees I read about 50 pages and just couldn't get into it.

I usually like books that take place half in the real world and half in some kind of VR but this one didn't work for me. It may have just been too cute. It's not the Third Reich it's something that sounds very similar. (The Fourth something or other that sounds like Reich). There's random capitalization of letters within words and I think too many different concepts trying to fit into one world. Let's take notorious people from history and elements of WWII and various philosophies and mash the up. I think a straight up fusion with retention of the actual names for things might have kept me reading instead of a slightly off mishmash of things with RaNDom NamES and spEllInGs. Certainly it would be less confusing for people who know history. And maybe narrow the focus a bit.

I had it from the library and never opened it but picked it up when it was the free Friday book on B&N's site.