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A Study in Sherlock: Stories inspired by the Holmes canon - Leslie S. Klinger, Jacqueline Winspear, Laurie R. King, Michael Dirda, Gayle Lynds, Laura Lippman, Phillip Margolin, Margaret Maron, S.J. Rozan, Thomas Perry, Jan Burke, Colin Cotterill, Dana Stabenow, Alan Bradley, John Sheldon, Tony Broadbent, Lionel Chetwynd, Jerry Mar

It's entirely possible that this anthology is more brilliant than it appears because I'm not familiar with the ACD canon and so stories that appeared to have little relationship with Sherlock Holmes (including an entire entry by someone writing about the fact that they didn't know anything about Holmes) are actually clever allusions to canon that I just missed. Or not.

I did get that some were retellings of ACD stories with other people standing in for Holmes and Watson (why, I don't know).

There were two stories that stood out. One is Neil Gaiman|s The Case of Death and Honey (full disclosure: I'm a fan of Gaiman's other work). His dealt directly with Sherlock Holmes. I liked his portrayal of Sherlock's relationship with Mycroft. I also liked his suggestion of how Mycroft could have kept the Empire running on his own but that without it him it would crumble. I also liked his portrayal of John Watson fading away as he got older and suffered losses. And I definitely buy the idea that were Sherlock to discover how to reverse aging or how to make himself immortal, he'd do it to John without telling him first).

The other was The Case That Holmes Lost by Charles Todd. It dealt with some of Doyle's ambivalence about Holmes and an intersection between (fictional) Doyle's life with Holmes. I'd like to read more about Doyle, I know he had something of a love/hate relationship with his creation.