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Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I
Arthur Conan Doyle
Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes - Charles Prepolec, J.R. Campbell, Kim Newman, Barbara Roden, M.J. Elliott, Peter Calamai, Phil Cornell, David Stuart Davies, Rick Kennett, Chico Kidd, Barbara Hambly, Christopher Sequeira, Bob Madison, Martin Powell, Chris Roberson

I thought this anthology was uneven. There were a few stories that really stood out but most didn't make a lasting impression.

I liked The Lost Boy by Barbara Hambly/  It was interesting reading a story from Mary's point of view. But it was really the idea of a young Sherlock in Neverland that piqued my interest. Perhaps that's why he wanted to be a pirate.

I also enjoyed His Last Arrow by Christopher Sequeira. The premise is fascinating. Sherlock Holmes is literally a dying John Watson's biggest desire. That is, a life full of fame and adventure. But the cost to others is high indeed.

I loved Red Sunset by Bob Madison. I loved Sherlock as an extremely crotchety man over a century old. But mostly I love it because he has a picture of a younger John Watson on his desk and he tells his visitor he only called him John, never his surname. That little touch made it my favorite story of the collection.