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I don't have the words for how much I love the opening.

Chapter One

This is how the world ends.

Chapter Two...

A simple but powerful opening sentence and it's made even more powerful because it's the entire chapter. Very well done.

I often found myself thinking of Maberry's Zombie CSUand comparing his ideas from that book with what took place in this book. I'd say it's pretty consistent.

I do think he gives the US government more credit than I do, though.

I have no trouble believing that anyone who tried to upload information about what was happening would be targeted. Maybe not outright assassinated (hard to do discretely in a Starbucks, after all) but definitely indefinitely detained under the NDAA, which was obviously passed long after the book was written let alone published.

As for the Internet itself, the US government and intelligence services have been very open in recent years about wanting a "kill the Internet" switch they can use just like the one available in more (openly) repressive countries. (For example, this this story). I think they'd use it in a heartbeat in a situation like this and then claim there was some "cyberterror" issue so they had to temporarily take down the Internet in the interest of safeguarding the country and economy.

I liked the idea of the zombies still being aware. It put a new twist on the zombie genre.