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Everyone feels very one dimensional in this book. Either they're "enlightened" about women and sex or they're bigoted misogynists. There's no middle ground, no nuance. 

I'm wondering if part of this is simply that the book is dated. It reminded me of Perry's anti-gay can't celebrate Christmas ad. It would have fit right in 10 years ago. Now, not so much.

I'm not sure if this is a translation problem or not, but the word "whore" is used far too often. There are several words in the English language that would do just as well and would add some variety.

I found it all much more distracting this time around. You can be a bad person without also being a misogynist, not that you would know it from this series.

I would have preferred a little more variety in the names. I think roughly 1/3 of them started with B and it was sometimes hard to keep track of who was who.

Honestly, I didn't find the central mystery all that interesting and I'm not sure why these books have received the acclaim they have.