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Carl Warner's Food Landscapes - Carl Warner As you can see from the cover and title of the book, these are photos of landscapes made out of food. They are done so skillfully that unless you know beforehand it can actually take a moment to realize what you're seeing is food.

The book follows a standard format. There's a two page spread with a photograph and name of the piece followed by 2-4 pages of text including a few pictures of the process of putting the scene together and the original sketch of the scene as well as a box containing a list of ingredients used.

The box of ingredients is helpful and interesting but the text itself is often not necessary. Usually it's I was given a brief to do x by y company so I came up with z scene.

The pictures are gorgeous though and I recommend the book for that reason. There's no doubt that Warner and his team are incredibly creative.

If you want to just see the photos you can see his work here.