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I liked the book, though I found it annoying that the book jacket gave away a pretty large plot point that doesn't come up until about halfway through the book. I know that's not Caine's fault but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

It was interesting having a few short sections from Shane's POV but if Caine's going to start offering us glimpses into the private thoughts of other characters I wish it would be about more than their rage. There are times other things are addressed but it's not as full a picture as Claire's inner life.

The reason this gets lower marks is because a plot twist hangs on a fact that directly contradicts something established earlier. Claire is specifically told that females can break Gloriana's glamour by experiencing pain but that it doesn't work that way for males. So there's no reason that Shane's broken finger should snap him out of it, particularly when it's been made clear he's fractured and possibly broken bones in fights before that.