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I was hoping the last book would have Rikki spending more time with the friends we met over the course of the first two books in the trilogy. Anthony, Leo, Sarah, Michael, Moseby, etc. We got glimpses but that's about it.

I also thought the ending was far too neat. You have two theocracies with democratic elements and they reunify instantly and seamlessly? Even in the face of an outside threat I think it would take a lot more than the exchange of a religious artifact. And I doubt the black robes would really just go away. That's not how bullies work. Who is in charge now? Where is the capital? Are they going to draw up a new Constitution? Will the law of the land be Shariah, Biblical, a combination or something else? And where are the terrorists who are trying to derail the peace process? Shouldn't one (or more) of the leaders of the unification end up assassinated? It's tragic, but that's what tends to happen when long time enemies try for peace.