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Flip This Zombie - Jesse Petersen A fun mostly popcorn zombie novel.

I continue to enjoy Petersen's writing. It's a generally light with varying levels of sarcasm but there's heart to it. You don't doubt David or Sarah's love for each other.

I like David but I think being around him would be exhausting. I understand not wanting to raise false hope, but he seems to refuse to believe in any kind of hope at all except that maybe he and Sarah will live to see tomorrow. When everything around you is bleak how does she stand her partner refusing to believe in anything good?

Initially I was skeptical of The Kid, as I am of almost any child character but he actually grew on me. It was nice to have a third companion for Sarah and David to interact with.

I also liked what she did with the world. The camp felt very realistic to me. I'm sure people would mostly go back to an up with the sun asleep with the night schedule (which would be more difficult in some places depending on the latitude and season) once the electricity has failed. I can certainly believe things like batteries would become highly prized. I know this isn't a pure post-apocalypse book but I do wonder about things like New York's subway system flooding or nuclear reactors melting down when there's no one there to man them.

I particularly liked the idea of the library as a place where people come together to learn old skills and share good reference books (one character's theft not withstanding).

I am curious where they will head next but I think I'd prefer that they stay in one place and we get to know it better.