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Critical Mass - Whitley Strieber I actually liked this book a lot better than most thrillers. Probably because it involved nuclear weapons so it edges toward my post-apocalyptic interest without actually going there.

It times it felt a little scattered. The beginning of the book focuses pretty narrowly on the agent who is trying to track down the nuclear bomb(s) but later on the POV shifts between him, his wife, her brother, the president of the United States, the Pope, and various conspirators. It was still an engaging read.

I do have a couple of minor complaints though.

1) No one thought Vatican City would be a target? Really? Despite the direct threat to burn all the churches and synagogues? I find that very hard to believe.
2) I don't know my Crusades history as well as I should, but I doubt very much that Christians never invaded Islamic held territories. Or that the Church has never attacked Islamic lands. I'm nearly positive that's complete and utter BS.
3) I think the EMP would have been a lot more damaging than the author suggests. Granted, when you're comparing a nuclear Holocaust with all the lives that were ended it's not as big a deal...but it's still a pretty big deal. I'm especially surprised since he was a co-author of Warday which focused in large part on the damage an EMP could do back in the early 1980's.

I was entertained.