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Four and a half stars.

Jayne is a recent college dropout. Her uncle dies, naming her as the sole heir to his previously unknown considerable fortune. She also learns that he was a badass fighter of supernatural things. She gathers up a few of her uncle's allies and they work together to avenge his death.

I liked all of the characters. They all seem well developed.

The thing with no one pronouncing her name correctly was annoying. It just screamed of Special Snowflake. And if her parents are really bible thumpers, I would think she'd have a biblical name.

I suspect, however, that her mom is more than she appears (hence the subtitle of the series) and her parents went all biblical to try and keep her away from the supernatural world. The Black Sun is mentioned only in passing so I assume it will come up again later in the series.

The thing with her being bothered about the fact that she was bothered by the fact that Aubrey was married and didn't tell her irritated me. I don't think that has anything to do with a religious upbringing as she seems to think. I think it has to do with integrity and being emotionally mature. I'm not religious and my partner being married would be a deal breaker before we even get to the part about him not telling me.

I have to say, I like Chogyi Jake much more than Aubrey who honestly isn't that interesting to me.

Anyway, it's well written and I'm looking forward to more.