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Roadkill - Rob Thurman

An excellent continuation of the series. Thurman put to rest any doubts that the series could continue in the absence of the Auphe.

It was really nice to have some resolution to Catcher and Rafferty, although I wish it had turned out differently. I would have liked to see them join the cast of characters, I think it would have been good for Niko and Cal. The resolution was bittersweet, but fitting, I think. Thurman handled it very well.

I really hope that Salome comes back.

It was fun to see Robin grow as a character. He's still the puck we know and love, but he's more than that now, too. He's more mature. I hope it works out with him and Ishiah. I'd like to learn more about that relationship, too. How it developed, what Ishiah is like.

I figured out that Gating was going to be addictive after the high Cal got the first time. I'm not sure how I feel about it turning him more Auphe though. It seems kind of random that it would suddenly give him a high and activate the genes now that all the other Auphe are gone.

I liked the battle that Cal had to fight to keep his soul, I'm not sure I like that now there's a genetic component to it and it now appears to be a battle he will ultimately lose.

The thing with Delilah made for an interesting subplot. It seems sad that Cal can't love her, though I think it makes sense. Then again, Niko kills, too. I just hope it doesn't mean George is going to make a reappearance.