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I wanted to like this book more than I did but there are some pretty big problems with it.

There are a lot of heavy handed hints about not trusting anyone, so naturally I figured the culprit was going to be Will. It would have been a pleasant surprise that it wasn't Will except the antagonist didn't make any sense with those warnings and I think he didn't work well for other reasons.

Multiple people say on multiple occasions that the bad guy is someone close to Evy she shouldn't trust. Except she's never actually met the guy and Will's only met him once. They are in no way "close." Will isn't close to him either. One meeting does not equate with intimacy.

The other problem is that this is supposedly a huge betrayal but the reader only hears about him in passing for the vast majority of the book. Even the main characters don't seem emotionally connected to him. So instead of feeling betrayed I really didn't care. If it had been one of the other mentors or even other Triad team members I would have had more of an emotional reaction because at least the reader gets a sense of what those people represent. The reaction needs to be "oh my god!" not "meh. So what?"

We're told (but not really shown) that he's incredibly powerful. But we don't see him acting directly against them for most of the book and even the pawns feel more like they're put there by a group, not a single guy.

My other major problem was Will. Bringing Evy back from the dead wasn't sweet, romantic or loving. It was an act of pure selfishness and cruelty. There's no way to think of that as anything but the worst kind of psychological torture. He had no way of knowing that she wouldn't be reliving the rape over and over, plus she had an exact time of death. If he thought she actually had vital information, fine, but he knew she didn't so raising her anyway is just unconscionable. Making someone go through that trauma when there's absolutely no hope that she'll have enough time to work through everything and even start to heal is just... I don't even have the words. Whatever it is, it's certainly not love.

I liked Alex so so much better. I was really hoping that Evy would introduce him into her world and they'd end up together. ::sigh::

I'll stick around for book two but if it doesn't work for me I'm ready to move on.