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Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Book 2) - Lilith Saintcrow

The book opens about ten months after the first book in the series. Dante is pushing herself hard, trying to forget her loss, while at the same time doing as much research as possible to learn about what she's become.

Gabe calls her in for help after three people have been brutally murdered. The latest victim is another Necromance, and when Dante tries to raise her she finds that the other Necromance was killed so horrifically even her spirit is insane. The only clue is a note she'd written as she was dying: REMEMBER. REMEMBER RIGGER HALL.

I thought it was interesting to get more of Dante's experiences at Rigger Hall, but I'm curious how it will play out in later books now that she's quite literally put some of those ghosts to rest. I assume that doesn't magically make it better and no longer affect her.

I was surprised Jace was killed off so early. Usually the love triangle goes in for far too long. His death scene in the hospital was very moving and I wonder if Dante will find him in Death in other books.

The book was good, but not as interesting as the first one. It also felt like she was ready to leave Gabe and Eddie behind at the end of this book and I hope that's not the case. I like Jeph but I'd like to see more of her other friends, too.