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Unfallen Dead - Mark Del Franco This was a solid addition to the series. Del Franco seems to be a stronger writer with each new book. The Weird is truly his own creation.

I like Connor more with each book, Meryl too. Sh reminds me of Abbie from NCIS. Joe was fun, too, and I enjoyed meeting Connor's former partner, Daryl. It was also nice to see a reference to the fact that Connor isn't straight. If I have one complaint it's that I would like to have seen more of Murdock.

As Samhain approaches, the veil begins to thin more than it has in years. The Taint is affecting things in unpredictable ways and causing the fey who are touched by it to become violent.

Meanwhile, an underqueen is there to question Connor et al about the events of the last book and Connor unexpectedly bonds with the spear she brings with her.

We also learn more about the dark spot in Connor's head and what it might mean.