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Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry Although this novel does involve zombies, it's much closer to a spy thriller than it is a typical post-apocalyptic zombie novel. The outbreaks are very isolated and contained rather than affecting the entire planet.

The zombies are made through a disease that was created as a bioweapon and each generation of the strain is more infectious than the last. Joe Ledger, a cop about to turn FBI, is recruited into a super secret branch of the government to head one of the teams trying to stop the terrorists.

Maberry does an excellent job describing the horror the task force feels when confronted with zombies, especially the children who have been turned into zombies.

I really like the main character and I like seeing his inner turmoil and acknowledging that yes, events affect him and other times he simply can't afford to let them -- he can have a breakdown later. I also really like his psychologist friend. I think he's a much needed part of the team and it's nice to see that an author is thinking about the psychological effects of all the horror rather than having heroes who just shrug it off. The cat was a nice touch, too. I hope Cobbler learns to like the new Joe. (It also amused me that the DMS brought his cat and kept him fed and the litter box changed).

I picked it up for the zombies but even though I'm not into thriller/spy novels (I read one or two a year) I think this series has a lot of promise and I'll probably pick up the next one whenever it's released.