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This book picks up where the other one left off, with Kitty and her pack being threatened by the Band of Tiamat and trying to stop them.

I thought it was stronger than the last one although partly because focus wasn't as much on her relationship with Ben in this book. (It was obviously an appropriate focus last time since the book contained her wedding). Intellectually I think they're good for each other, but I think she had much better chemistry with Cormac. Normally I prefer the intellectual types, but Ben feels a little bland and doesn't seem very proactive. It feels like he was tagging along after Cormac and now he's tagging along after Kitty.

On a more positive note I liked the new characters and I liked that Kitty continues to believe that just because one incredible thing is true doesn't mean that all incredible things are true, in fact, it's even more reason to be skeptical.

I also like the idea of Kitty using her show as a resource.

The explanation for how/why TJ became a werewolf is a nice reveal and provides a good back story.

I'll be interested to see how the partnership with Rick progresses and I like that it's an element of the story but it's not the focus of the series.

Kitty's conflict about wanting to reason with something that can't be reasoned with was also a nice touch. I like it when the bad guys have a little shade of gray to them.

I'm glad things wrapped up with the Band of Tiamat, I think the power behind them is a much more interesting big bad.

I'm a little concerned about the premise of the next book, but it will be nice to see some characters from other books returning.