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The Stranger Beside Me: Ted Bundy The Shocking Inside Story - Ann Rule I think it would be interesting to compare this book with others written by [author:Ann Rule]. This book had a lot of personal information about Ms. Rule, which, given that she was friends with Ted Bundy, makes sense. But it was also a little distracting.

In some respects I think she was too detailed. It was obvious early on that Bundy preferred victims with long brown hair with a part in the middle. I'm not sure it had to be repeated every time. I'm also not sure that the clothes the victims were wearing had to be described in detail, though that may have happened so that if a body was later found with what was left of those clothes it might be more easily identified.

It was an interesting (and disturbing) book to read. The question of how he was able to commit such brutal crimes without the victims making a sound was never really answered.

It was interesting to read about this area (I live in the general area in Washington where many of the Washington State crimes were committed) in the mid 70s to early 80s.

I'm not entirely sure I buy Rule's theory of how and why Bundy became a sociopath. I don't know what the current theory is about the making of a sociopath, but I do know that when this book was written (because she references it) they were still on the DSM III and now they're on IV.