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Black Magic Woman - Justin Gustainis I enjoyed this book. I think it's a promising start to a new series. I'll be curious to see if Libby Chastain is a reoccurring character. She certainly seemed like an important character who would be reoccurring, but the series is called the Quincey Morris Investigations, not the Morris & Chastain Investigations. Still, she strikes me as an even bigger part than, say, The Dresden Files' Murphy so I'd be surprised if she doesn't show up again. Then again, the premise might be a new partner/type of magic in every novel, who knows. All that aside, I thought she was a great character. It's rare to see an older woman in this genre. Don't get me wrong, I love the 20 something kickass female, I'm in the upper range of my 20's myself, but it's still nice to see that yes, there really are older (not old) women who kick ass in their own right. And she's even portrayed as still having her sexuality. In fact, I thought Gustainis handled the bisexual factor pretty well. (Though are we still at a place where bisexuals feel a need to immediately defend their orientation by saying that doesn't make them a slut?)

Quincey was certainly interesting. I like his background and I enjoy the fact that so far there doesn't seem to be some deep mystery about his past that will take the length of the series to solve.

The South African policeman's story was far more interesting than the blood feud that fueled the Morris & Chastain storyline. I know that kind of feud does exist but I have a hard time understanding or identifying with it. I could see how there might still be anger if anyone is still alive to remember the original problem, but after that...let it go. And I'm not sure I buy that not one person over the years thought to go a more traditional route and have done with it. Maybe the use of magic was supposed to be a pride thing, I don't know.

I'd also like to know a little more about how magic works. There's obviously a hereditary component but it also seems like people without any magic of their own can activate magical items. Hopefully that will be more fully explored in later novels.

Anyway. A good start. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, whenever that may be.