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Dangerous Space - Kelley Eskridge I really liked most of the stories in this anthology. It turns out that I'd read "Eye of the Storm" before(maybe in one of the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies).

The first story, "Strings," didn't do much for me, probably because the end was so predictable. "Somewhere Down the Diamondback Road" didn't do much for me either, but that was probably due in large part to the nonstandard grammar. Few things turn me off faster than nonstandard grammar or stream of consciousness.

However, I really liked both "Eye of the Storm" and "Dangerous Space."

"Eye of the Storm" had some traditional fantasy elements which I liked. The coming of age aspect had a different spin on it, as did the nature of the relationship with the quad.

"Dangerous Space" had interesting characters and was filled with longing and pain and uncertainty. A different kind of coming of age story, though I think that's what it was (for Duncan, not Mars).

I will admit that there's too much of "relating to someone through his art" for me. I get that art can touch you, and even that it can help you connect with someone, but this seemed more like connecting through art, as though if the art weren't there they'd just be strangers or maybe platonic friends. It felt like it had more to do with the art than the person making the art and that's not an idea I'm comfortable with.