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Prom Nights from Hell - Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyer I picked it up because I thought it was going to have a story about [author: Kim Harrison]'s Rachael that she'd said would "explain why she is the way it is." Apparently I was confusing it with the forthcoming [book: Holidays are Hell]. Her story in Prom Nights was okay, though I was surprised to hear that apparently it's going to be turned into a series. It's kind of interesting but mostly reminded me of Dead Like Me. The penultimate story in the book, the title of which escapes me at the moment, seemed more like series material.

It was an okay anthology. It was aimed at a younger audience which was pretty obvious. Not one I feel a need to own (I got it from the library) but I'm sure I'd have loved it if I'd read it at a younger age.