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Read On... Fantasy Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste - Neil Hollands This is a good resource if you're looking for new fantasy titles to add to your list. The focus is very heavily weighted toward traditional fantasy, but there are a few urban fantasy titles as well. I found nearly 20 books to add to my too read list, though granted, a few of them I'd already been considering reading.

These lists are subjective, of course, so there are books I would have included and others I probably would have left off. Hollands did include books over a good period of time. There are a few books that date back to the the late 1800s, many books from fantasy's "golden age" in the 70's and 80's as well as books from the 90's and 00's. There are even few books that were published in the last year or two. Harry Potter is mentioned, of course, but there are also a few novels that fit into the new wave of urban fantasy. (I think there should have been more, but urban fantasy is a special interest of mine).

The book does have a few failings, however. Several books or books from the same series are mentioned repeatedly in various categories and the the description of each book is very brief and at least in one case nearly lifted word for word from the back of the book.