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Ashfall - Mike Mullin

I was really impressed by the amount of detail about what would happen should the supervolcano under Yellowstone erupt. I thought it was much better than Supervolcano: Eruption.


Not only are pyroclastic bombs ejected incredible distances, but Mullin also covers the awful sound of the eruption which goes on for days. Later on he covers Silicosis and begins to cover some of the food supply problems.


I do have one minor quibble in that I think more of the roofs would have collapsed, especially if there was rain.


But generally speaking I think it was very well done.


Apparently no one has really realized yet that government help will slow in coming if it ever comes at all.


Remember all the trouble when Eyjafjallajökull erupted? Yellowstone erupting would make that look like a very minor inconvenience.


I also liked the characters and I thought the plot was believable.